Proposal Reporting Level

Proposal Reporting Level

PRL is a concept designed to standardise proposal reporting across all crypto currency related products.

The aim is that it can be a means to measure and hold accountable proposal makers and brag of the success they are having. PRL is a lot more vague than PPL due to the nature of reporting and the varying natures of proposals and the expectations therein.

Some simple PRL levels would address the reporting intervals of the main information streams. Where these information streams are identified the intervals should be also. For example if a proposal goal was to have a particular currencies twitter followers increase by a certain amount, then the information source could well be the twitter account in question could be set to monthly. The next thing to be defined is the forum to which the results are broadcast, be they a private mailing list, public forum post or platforms such as reddit, or via reports on immutable platforms such as Steemit.

PRL will be formatted thus:


The first set of numbers (24) are the amount of months the reporting will last for,
The number after the decimal (3) shows the interval between reports in this example every 3 months (quarterly),
After the next decimal is the place where the results will be broadcast, this should not be a webaddress, but simply a description, in this case Reddit.
After the next decimal should be the source of the information where possible that source should be an independent one.

One proposal may have multiple PRL codes, in this case the final decimal should describe the portion of the proposal, for example if the proposal is aimed to increase followers then the word followers should be added (twitterfollowers) if it was to produce a certain amount of tweets per day this may require a different method of reporting or simply not given a PRL code.

PRL is always voluntary and good practice and PRL should be defined and stated at the time the proposal is made, PRL can be modified during the reporting window, but this should be considered extremely bad practice and bad planning.

Please use PRL wherever possible.

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