DAO Watch EP.22 – Corrections & Liquid Staking featuring ICP

DAO Watch EP.22: Spotlight on ICP, Corrections, and Liquid Staking

Welcome to the 22nd episode of DAO Watch! In this episode, we journey into the intriguing world of ICP, or the Internet Computer, and its unique usage in the DAO world for funding. Additionally, I will be addressing some corrections and apologies. If you’re familiar with my little mishaps, feel free to skip past it, but for the curious, I’ll dive into those as well. Let’s embark!

ICP – The Internet Computer

The Internet Computer, previously known as Dfinity, recently caught my attention when it suddenly made its way to the top 20 in cryptocurrency rankings. Its uniqueness lies in its ambitious aim to be a decentralized version of the internet. Even though it has been around for a while, its sudden rise and its proposal for the DAO have made it an interesting project to watch.

DAO Proposals: Dash, Pivx, and Cosmos

Before we delve deeper into ICP, it’s essential to cover the usual suspects: Dash, Pivx, and a surprise from the Cosmos ecosystem.


An upcoming proposal in Dash by the familiar face, Cryptosi, aims to create tutorial videos for the Dash community. This will help community members understand how to put forward their own proposals. While I’ve done something similar for Pivx, Dash presents its challenges. Unlike Pivx, submitting a proposal in Dash is more complex, and this proposal aims to simplify that.


On the Pivx front, Jeffrey’s work in securing business development partnerships is commendable. With several proposals under his belt, his recent successes have contributed significantly to Pivx’s growth. Although some might argue about the pricing of his proposals, the results speak for themselves.


While the Cosmos ecosystem remains vast and diverse, today’s focus is not on its entirety but a specific upcoming project. Stay tuned to find out more in future episodes.

Liquid Staking

A noteworthy mention is the recent proposal about Liquid Staking. A vast majority seems to be in favor of it. However, its implications and nuances are still under exploration.

Deep Dive into ICP’s Proposal

ICP’s proposal aims to launch an all-in-one web-free game platform and Game Server protocol. They intend to raise a maximum of 2.5 million for this project. This proposal is akin to an ICO, and participants would invest their funds if it gains sufficient votes.

Concluding Thoughts

The DAO world is vast, constantly evolving, and never short of innovations. As we traverse this space, discussions and debates are inevitable. However, it’s essential to remember that this journey is about collective growth, learning, and decentralization. If you have any opinions, ideas, or counterarguments, drop them in the comments or reach out on Twitter.

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