DAO Watch EP.18 – Altruism and Achievements


In the ever-evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) continue to make waves with their innovative projects and proposals. This blog post will delve into three distinct DAO projects, each with its unique approach and objectives. We’ll explore a proposal from Dash, a project from PIVX, and an application from Magic Square.

Dash: A Controversial Proposal

Dash, a DAO known for its digital cash that enables anyone, anywhere in the world, to make instant, easy, and secure payments, recently had a controversial proposal put forward. The proposal, which aimed to tackle the Dash governance system, particularly the yes/no/abstain voting mechanism, was met with mixed reactions.

The proposal also suggested partnering Dash with another project, Encounter, which was seen as a positive move by some. However, the proposal was criticized for its delivery and tone, which did not align with the collaborative spirit of a DAO. The proposer was seen as trying to push his agenda without seeking common ground with the community.

Despite the controversy, the proposal sparked important conversations about the Dash governance system and the potential for partnerships. However, due to the issues raised, the proposal was ultimately not accepted.

PIVX: A Proposal from JSKitty

PIVX, a DAO focused on privacy, had a proposal from JSKitty, the lead developer of PIVX Labs. JSKitty and his team have been at the forefront of development on the PIVX chain, building various tools and applications for the PIVX community.

JSKitty’s proposal was well-received by the community. It outlined what the team had done, what they planned to do, and how much funding they were requesting. The proposal was praised for its clarity and the reputation of JSKitty within the PIVX community. The PIVX Labs team’s work, including the development of a light wallet and shielded transactions, has been integral to the PIVX ecosystem, making this proposal a definite yes for the community.

Magic Square: Democratized Access

Magic Square, a DAO that allows apps to join their platform through a democratized access process, recently had a proposal for an app called Mantra Finance. Mantra Finance is a DeFi dashboard that provides tools for Uniswap V3.

The proposal went through Magic Square’s rigorous evaluation process, which includes a community vote. The process is designed to ensure that only apps that add value to the Magic Square ecosystem are accepted. While the Mantra Finance app was not universally appealing, the democratic process used by Magic Square to evaluate and accept new apps was praised.

Osmosis: A Proposal for Perpetual Swaps

Osmosis, a DAO that operates as the Uniswap of the Cosmos ecosystem, recently had a proposal to allow Lavanda to upload contracts. Lavanda is a platform that offers perpetual swaps on Cosmos, allowing users to engage in leveraged trading.

This proposal raised interesting regulatory questions. Offering services like perpetual swaps typically requires licensing, and operating without such licensing can attract the attention of authorities. Despite these potential legal issues, the proposal was generally well-received by the Osmosis community.

The proposal also highlighted the permissioned nature of the Osmosis chain. Only certain entities can launch contracts on Osmosis, and the community votes on whether to allow these entities to do so. This democratic process ensures that only beneficial contracts are added to the chain.

The proposal from Lavanda, despite its potential legal implications, was seen as a positive addition to the Osmosis ecosystem. It offers users more trading options and contributes to the growth and diversity of services available on Osmosis.


The projects from Dash, PIVX, Magic Square, and Osmosis highlight the diverse range of proposals and initiatives within DAOs. From controversial proposals that spark debate, well-received proposals from respected community members, democratic processes for app acceptance, to innovative trading options, DAOs continue to push the boundaries of decentralized governance. As these organizations continue to evolve, they offer exciting opportunities for innovation and community involvement in the blockchain space.



CryptoSI has been working in the crypto industry as a project manager and advisor since 2012. He is a results-driven professional with extensive experience in leading successful crypto projects from ideation to launch. Over the years, he has developed a keen eye for identifying innovative blockchain solutions that have the potential to disrupt traditional industries and bring about positive change

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