DAO Watch EP #16 – Consistency, Controversy and Echo Chambers : TLDW

Hello to all our DAO enthusiasts! The 16th episode of our DAO Watch series took us on quite a ride, where we explored some of the most pressing issues in the world of decentralized autonomous organizations. Let’s dive right into the key takeaways.

In the spotlight this time was PIVX, which undoubtedly offered the most complex proposal to decipher. It has emerged as a puzzle, urging the DAO community to think creatively about improvements. A future proposal from me might be on the horizon to address the current PIVX situation. For a detailed analysis, make sure to check out the episode.

An unexpected absentee in this episode was evmos, for reasons beyond my control. The absence highlighted the challenge of a core DAO team leading the initiative with the community often adopting a ‘wait-and-see’ approach. A more proactive, engaged community is key for the sustained vitality of any DAO.

Our special guest for this episode was MakerDAO, undoubtedly the most complex DAO in the universe. We delved into one of their simplest proposals, which was a hefty read, surpassing 100 pages.

Dash’s proposal caught our attention, asking to fund Dash Ninja, an explorer-like site for masternode owners, for another year. The ongoing controversy relates to the fact that masternode owners aren’t the ones paying, yet they decide if the proposal should be funded by the community.

Then there was Liquid’s proposal, an example of a larger, intricate DAO issue: the delicate balance of funding versus contribution. The concerns raised about the scale of Liquid’s payout relative to his contributions sparked a heated debate about fairness in DAOs.

We moved on to Juno, which is proposing to transfer $400,000 from their community pool to osmosis for liquidity. I found this idea appealing, mainly due to the immense potential for trading rewards. However, as always, I encourage due diligence before casting your vote.

The last DAO we visited was the behemoth MakerDAO, known for its intricate operations. The complex nature of DAOs often leads to voter fatigue, making it challenging for members to keep up with the governance process. In response, MakerDAO is looking at measures to combat this issue and facilitate better member engagement.

It’s apparent that DAOs offer an array of challenges and opportunities. This episode reminded us that DAOs are more than just about decentralization; they’re about fairness, community engagement, and finding solutions to complex issues.

In conclusion, remember that you have a crucial role to play in shaping your DAO. So, ensure your voice is heard in the DAO world, and as always, keep the conversations going.

Stay tuned for more DAO insights in the upcoming episodes. Make sure you share, like, and drop your comments on our series to help spread the DAO word!

Until next time, stay crypto-savvy!



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