DAO Watch EP #15 – What’s the world’s BIGGEST DAO? -TLDW

The world of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) is expanding at a rapid pace, and there’s a lot to keep up with. In the 15th episode of DAO Watch, we dive into some significant developments in the DAO landscape, with a focus on Dash, PIVX, EVMOS, and BitDAO – the world’s largest DAO.

Dash: Elections and Discontent

Dash, known for its robust DAO structure, has recently made waves with a new proposal that has caused a stir among its masternodes. The proposal seeks candidates for upcoming Dash Trust Protectors (DTP) elections. DTP is the interface between the DAO (masternode owners) and the real world. They essentially serve as custodians of the masternodes and keep the Dash Core Group, a US corporation, honest. However, the proposal has sparked frustration among the Dash community. The location of the Dash Core Group, within a crypto-hostile nation like the US, has been a point of contention.

PIVX: Exchange Listing or Overspending?

PIVX, another DAO, is under scrutiny for a proposal to spend $10,000 on a listing with an obscure exchange, Biconomy. While the proposal offers some benefits such as stablecoin pairings and promotional activities, it seems to offer little value for the expenditure. The listing’s high cost and the exchange’s relatively unknown status have led to some criticisms of the proposal.

EVMOS: Diving Deeper into DeFi

EVMOS is a DAO that continues to focus on DeFi, proposing to allocate 3 million EVMOS to incentivize liquidity provision on their DEX, Forge DEX. The pros include a well-structured proposal and a team known for delivering on their promises. However, the lack of novel ideas and exposure to new users has raised questions about the proposal’s long-term value.

BitDAO: Building a New Chain

Our special guest this episode is BitDAO, the world’s largest DAO. BitDAO is investing a substantial portion of its treasury, a staggering $250 million, to build its new L2 chain, Mantle. The Mantle chain aims to rival other big players in the market like Sui and Aptos. Despite some criticisms over its initial centralization, the potential for this project is massive.

Closing Thoughts

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations continue to shape the future of crypto and blockchain technology. In this episode, we’ve explored various DAOs and their latest proposals, reminding us of the diversity and dynamism in the DAO space.

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